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Hello Coach is the platform connecting individuals and organisations with the world’s best coaches.

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    Hello Coach brings together some of the smartest personal and professional coaching minds in the world and makes them available to everyone. Experience on-demand access to affordable, qualified, vetted coaches for one-to-one online coaching and support.

    The modern world can be a stressful place, especially during a global pandemic. But when we’re able to look after our mental wellbeing, take on life’s challenges and win, it’s amazing how the world can change around us. And change starts with a conversation…

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    Work with highly-qualified and experienced coaches ­– focused on arming you with the tools, techniques (and inspiration) you need to reach your goals and become your best self.

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    Decide the things you want to work on, set your preferred coaching times and preferences, and the platform matches you with a shortlist of experts. Choose one, see a real-time view of their free timeslots, and book them. Simple.

    One-on-one coaching. Tailored to you.

    You’re unique, with specific challenges and goals. Forget the self-help channels on YouTube: with Hello Coach your sessions are interactive and built around your individual needs.

    Personal change. Professional development.

    Whether you want to transform your career or relationship, your mind or your body, be more organised or get more done, your personal coach will guide you towards success.

    Secure. Private.

    Coaching sessions are online, independent of your organisation, secure and confidential. It’s a safe space in which to talk about anything (even your boss).

    End-to-end support for enterprise.

    Support the goals and wellbeing of an entire organisation. From back office to C-suite, Hello Coach gives all your leaders, thinkers, and doers the support they need to help them, and your company, thrive.
  • Everyone needs a personal mentor, cheerleader and advocate ­– with Hello Coach, you carry yours in your pocket.
    An online coaching platform built to help you thrive.
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    Hello Coach is the first holistic, intuitive coaching platform that intelligently matches you with the right coaches, so you’re able to deal with everything life throws at you – from work and relationships to health and wellbeing. With expert coaches at your fingertips, it only takes a few minutes to take that first step on the path to positive change.
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  • What’s coaching? (Hint: it isn’t therapy.)

    Coaching is solution-focused human development. It’s not therapy, which seeks to address past or present trauma. Coaching focuses on goals, education, accountability, and proven strategies to help clients overcome personal and professional challenges, discover their strengths, and take practical steps towards success in their lives.

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  • Featured Coaches
    Suzanne is a weight-loss guru who transforms bodies and minds, helping clients deal with negative patterns of behaviour, shed kilos, build confidence and create lasting change. She has a Bachelor of Medical Science, Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, and personally experienced her own, incredible body transformation.
    Nancy’s experience in the music industry brings creativity to her coaching. She’s helped clients (many of them creatives) sustain a career for life through self-awareness and energy practices, get into action, find their purpose, explore their visions (and create them), and work through creative blocks to become super-empowered.
    With thirty years’ experience as a secondary school teacher​,​ Kate’s wellbeing programmes for individuals​,​ businesses and educational institutions have strengthened parent-child relationships​,​ reduced stress and helped people of all ages learn more effectively and reach their academic (and personal) potential.
  • It’s as easy as Look, Match, Book.

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    Look for the areas in which you’d like support and select them. Set your availability and coaching preferences.
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    The platform intelligently matches you to a shortlist of specialist coaches who’re experts in the areas you’ve chosen and available when you are. You can check out their background and qualifications and choose the coach with whom you wish to work.
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    With a real-time view of their available timeslots, you can book your coach in seconds. And if life gets in the way (as it sometimes does), we’ve made it easy for you to cancel or reschedule.