Our coaches

Say hello to a global network of world-class coaches working together, for you.

Not all coaches are created equal. In this highly unregulated industry, coaching quality can vary significantly. 

We are committed to ensuring only the best of the best are on the Hello Coach platform.

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The best coaches for the best results.

To ensqure quality on the Hello Coach platform, we conduct:


Rigorous vetting

Qualifications, reference checks, and a minimum 4 years’ experience just to start.


Structured onboarding

One-on-one mock sessions, platform training and more.


Ongoing training

Over 120 hours per year of live coach training sessions.


Regular reviews

Monthly performance reviews with coach managers.

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Our client-centred approach.

Above all, our coaches understand that a whole-person approach is vital to driving positive change.

They also know that sometimes they won’t have all the answers.

That’s why the Hello Coach platform enables you to build a tailored coaching team across Business, Wellbeing & Relationships, with the ability to swap coaches in and out as you need.

just some of our leading coaching qualifications
International coaching federation
International coaching academy
Institute of executive coaching and leadership
The institute of leadership management
Australian institute of management
Mentor coach
The coaching institute
Wellness coaching australia
The academy of modern applied psychology
Australian college of applied professions
Yes supply
University of wollongong australia
The university of sydney
The john maxwell team
Tad james co. 1

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