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Angela is a versatile coach with a background in Education, 1-1 coaching, group programs for parents, workshops for kids and teachers, retreats, facilitation, and keynote speaking at schools. She teachers her clients how to overcome anxiety, stress,...
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Amy became a strategic psychotherapist and coach after a 15-year career working internationally in sales and marketing for global corporations. She supports high-functioning individuals to master stress, level-up awareness and skills and realise their...
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Among her many qualifications, Claudia holds a post-graduate degree in Psychology and specialises in empowering over 40s women to create the embodied mindset and confidence to have agency and excitement regarding the second half of their lives, and...
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After a career spent in leadership roles, Genevieve empowers individuals and corporate clients, runs Leadership Development programs, and upskills CEOs, Heads of Departments and Managers in leading teams, handling stress and finding creative solutions to...
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Yasmin has a warm and engaging coaching style with deep corporate experience in technology and business. A specialist in human behaviour, she works with current and future leaders and professionals to achieve outstanding results. Coaching Experience 8...
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With nearly 20 years of coaching behind her, Sharon is skilled at helping individuals and business leaders overcome their personal and professional challenges and take control of their businesses and lives. Coaching Experience 18 Years Qualifications...
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