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Mark is expert at helping clients break through physical and mental barriers in their work and their lives. As an experienced coach and martial arts champion, he has great insight into managing stress, performance and creating a winning mindset....
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Jakub has 20 years’ experience transforming C-level executives, senior managers and aspiring leaders across organisations large and small. He develops effective and inspiring leaders, teaches high-performing individuals how to reach their personal and...
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Jude has worked professionally with over 50 organisations in the UK and Australia, and coached over 2000 individuals in decision-making, mindset and belief change, emotional intelligence, leadership and managing people, self-management, personal...
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With nearly 20 years of coaching behind her, Sharon is skilled at helping individuals and business leaders overcome their personal and professional challenges and take control of their businesses and lives. Coaching Experience 18 Years Qualifications...
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Katrena is an author and highly-qualified, high-powered corporate coach helping people in business move ahead in their careers. She coaches in all areas of business including leadership, communication skills, presentation skills, emotional intelligence,...
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Yasmin has a warm and engaging coaching style with deep corporate experience in technology and business. A specialist in human behaviour, she works with current and future leaders and professionals to achieve outstanding results. Coaching Experience 8...
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