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Getting Started with Mindfulness

From its ancient Eastern roots to its current prominence in classrooms, yoga studios, and corporate offices, mindfulness has skyrocketed as a tool for personal growth and total wellbeing. Mindfulness, at its core, is all about honing in on the here and now, fully immersing yourself in thoughts, feelings, and sensations, all while leaving judgments at the door. Here we break down the elements of mindfulness, and give you simple techniques to jumpstart your mindfulness journey.

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Natural progression vs. blazing your own path

Are you living the life you truly want, or just following the path of least resistance? Discover the benefits of living a life aligned with your passions and values and learn how boosting your self-image can help you take charge of your journey.  

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Beyond the gym: a holistic approach to physical wellbeing

Looking to improve your physical wellbeing? Helping your body function at its best requires more than exercising and eating well. Learn why taking a holistic approach that addresses your mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing is essential for a healthier, happier life.

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Beyond the gym a holistic approach to physical wellbeing

EP19: Aligning With Your Desires

How do you become a vibrational match for your desires? In this episode, Coach Nancy explores how you can be mindful of your energy, notice where you are giving away your power, understand what boundaries you need, and best of all, start getting comfortable with receiving.

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Making New Year’s resolutions that stick

Most people abandon their New Year’s resolution in the first month. The secret to keeping it? Create the right goal and have a step-by-step plan to support it. We share 9 strategies you can use to stay on track for success.

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EP16: Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Lifestyle change can’t happen without addressing the deeper issues that stop us from reaching our health and fitness goals. Coach Suzanne shares her tips for creating lasting change, and for adding more joy and sweetness to your life—without the empty calories.

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EP13: Emotional Self-Care during Covid

When falling out of a routine means you neglect self-care, or when looking after others leads to sacrificing your own needs, it can have serious consequences for your mental health. Coach Claudia, who holds a postgraduate degree in psychology and specialises in empowering women over 40, shares what emotional self-care looks like and how to make it possible –  even in turbulent times.

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