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EP10: How to Have Tough Conversations

Is there a difficult conversation that you need to have with someone? Coach Sharon explains how to prepare and engage in tough conversations in ways that achieve win-win outcomes for all.

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EP07: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Creating and communicating boundaries is really about teaching others how we would like to be treated. Coach Suzanne shares how to create and uphold boundaries in your life (without creating resentment).

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CoachCast EP07: Setting Healthy Boundaries

EP04: Sex, Love and COVID-19

If you’ve struggled to find love in lockdown, or if the pandemic stress has taken its toll on your sex life, help is at hand!

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EP04: Sex, Love and COVID-19

EP01: Why You’re Self-Sabotaging

Many people know what they need to do to reach their goals, they just don’t do it. Why?

In this episode, Coach Suzanne introduces the concept of secondary gain: that there’s a benefit you get by NOT reaching your goal.

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Episode 1: Why You're Self-Sabotaging (Suzanne)

How to Have Tough Conversations

Do you find it hard to talk about certain topics? Learn how to tackle difficult conversations, improve communication and achieve a positive outcome. 

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Overcoming Loneliness

Loneliness has been on the rise since the pandemic began. These 7 steps make it easier to feel happy, connected, and supported even in exceptional times.

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Setting Healthy Boundaries

Relationships in turmoil? It might be time to improve your boundaries. Learn what it means to have healthy boundaries, and how to enforce the rules that teach other people how to treat you.

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