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The instant gratification trap: consumer culture’s impact on relationships

Consumer culture has created a society that expects instant gratification, has access to endless options, and seeks perfection in all areas of life, including relationships. These cultural trends have led to relationships becoming less resilient and more disposable. Learn how to fight this trend to build stronger, long-lasting connections.

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Self-love: how to be good to yourself

Far more than spoiling yourself occasionally, self-love is about fully accepting who you are and being kind to yourself. It's also vital for your wellbeing.

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EP10: How to Have Tough Conversations

Is there a difficult conversation that you need to have with someone? Coach Sharon explains how to prepare and engage in tough conversations in ways that achieve win-win outcomes for all.

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EP07: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Creating and communicating boundaries is really about teaching others how we would like to be treated. Coach Suzanne shares how to create and uphold boundaries in your life (without creating resentment).

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Coachcast ep07: setting healthy boundaries