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EP03: Leadership in a Messy World

What is the first task in leadership? The answer might surprise you. Coach Jude-Martin discusses the valuable role emotional literacy plays in leadership, and why you can’t lead other people unless you first know how to lead yourself.

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Why Coaching Leaders is Essential

Exceptional leadership can work wonders for employee retention. Learn more about why coaching leaders is essential to staying competitive during The Great Resignation.

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How to Avoid Taking the Wrong Job

How do you know if a role is really the right fit for you? Before you accept a job offer, follow these steps to ensure that the company's goals and values are aligned with your own.

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Has EAP Reached its Use-by Date?

Employee assistance programs can feel like HR's way of outsourcing conversations they're not equipped to have. Is there a better way to support employee wellbeing?

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9 Steps to a Clutter-Free Workspace

Clutter in your workspace can increase stress and hinder productivity. Follow these 9 simple steps to declutter your workspace and boost your focus.

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Combating Screen Fatigue

Feeling the symptoms of too much screen time? Find out how you can manage your screen time better — even when it’s a necessary part of your job.

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Manage Energy, Not Time

The recipe for business success is not about how much time you spend working, but how well you manage and maximise your energy during your working hours. Learn how you can improve productivity and job satisfaction by finding your flow. 

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