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How to stop feeling restless at work

Find yourself dreading Mondays, bored stiff or dissatisfied with your career progression? Here’s how to navigate your way out of restlessness to move forward.

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EP21: Performing at Your Best

During times of change or challenge, we can find ourselves feeling out of control, overwhelmed, stressed, and even fearful. This can often lead to health problems or relationship breakdowns, both at home and in the workplace. Coach Sharon, an Ironman finisher and high-performance coach with over 20 years of experience, shares how you can perform at your best even in turbulent times, and gives tips on how to optimise your mindset for success.

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EP20: The Power of Men’s Emotions

Phrases like “boys don’t cry” have been used to imply that male displays of emotion are a sign of weakness. Coach Jude challenges (and crushes) that stereotype by explaining the power of emotional intelligence and revealing the inherent intelligence in our emotions.

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EP18: What Empowerment Really Means

What does it mean to be empowered, and what happens when you are? In this episode, Coach Genevieve talks about what it takes to be your best self, and why connecting with your purpose is at the heart of empowerment.

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EP17: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you question whether you’re deserving of accolades and accomplishments? Do you feel like you’re faking it? Coach Suzanne is a mindset coach who helps her clients transform their bodies and minds to create lasting changes in their lives. She explores what it might mean for you if you did acknowledge your achievements, and why your accomplishments may look profound to someone else—just not to you.

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EP15: Discover Your Life Purpose

Need help unlocking your strengths, skills, and passion to find your calling? You’re in luck! With a background in the music industry, Coach Nancy has worked with business people, artists, and creatives for over ten years, helping them to explore their visions and create meaningful lives. In this episode, Nancy sheds light on how to simplify the quest for purpose and spread joy to others in the process.

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EP14: How to Be a Rockstar

This episode is for anyone who desires to be the best person they can be on the stage of life. Creative coach Nancy walks you through how to become authentically unstoppable!

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7 Ways to deal with imposter syndrome

Often find yourself feeling inadequate or like you don’t belong? Do you feel undeserving of your success? Imposter syndrome could be to blame. Here’s how to overcome it.

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EP12: Fitting In vs. Belonging

Coach Suzanne discusses how the fear of rejection and imposter syndrome play into our desire to fit in at all costs, and how honouring ourselves and what works best for us may actually benefit the group.

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