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Latest episodes

S2 Ep8: Communication for Effective Leadership and Lasting Relationships

Join host Victoria Mills as she sits down with Coach Brian to uncover the secrets of confident leadership and effective communication. Explore the four primary communication styles and gain expert tips from Coach Brian's 45 years of international business and coaching experience. Tune in for valuable insights on adapting your communication style, reading the room, and fostering lasting relationships as a powerful leader and communicator.

S2 EP7: Mindfulness Practices for 21st-Century Leaders

Discover the importance of mindfulness in modern leadership with Coach Lai Meng, a renowned corporate trainer and business coach with 23 years of experience. Learn practical tips on enhancing your leadership style and managing stress in the workplace by taking small, consistent breaks to cultivate mindfulness skills.

S2 EP5: Burnout Prevention 101: Rest, Recovery & Nourishment

Struggling with work-life balance? Coach Susie has got you covered! Tune in to this episode to discover practical tools to prevent burnout and optimise self-care. Learn about the seven types of rest and how to set boundaries to achieve peak productivity without sacrificing your wellbeing.

S2 EP2: Asset-Rich but Cash-Poor: Navigating Cash Flow Challenges

Struggling to manage your cash flow? In this episode, Money Coach Adam shares practical insights and tools to increase your cash flow and achieve your financial goals. Discover how to identify blind spots, set achievable limits, and improve your money mindset.

S2 EP1: 5 Keys for Living a Life of Least Regret and Most Joy

In this episode, we explore the often overlooked emotion of regret with 35-year nursing veteran and personal growth coach, Fiona. Join us to learn about the impact of unresolved regret on our health and gain insightful tips on how to overcome it to maximise the joy in your life.

EP21: Performing at Your Best

During times of change or challenge, we can find ourselves feeling out of control, overwhelmed, stressed, and even fearful. This can often lead to health problems or relationship breakdowns, both at home and in the workplace. Coach Sharon, an Ironman finisher and high-performance coach with over 20 years of experience, shares how you can perform at your best even in turbulent times, and gives tips on how to optimise your mindset for success.

EP20: The Power of Men’s Emotions

Phrases like “boys don’t cry” have been used to imply that male displays of emotion are a sign of weakness. Coach Jude challenges (and crushes) that stereotype by explaining the power of emotional intelligence and revealing the inherent intelligence in our emotions.