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Victoria mills hc founder
Meet your host

Victoria Mills.

Victoria is a pioneer in the coaching industry with over 20 years as a professional coach. Having coached thousands globally and witnessed the tranformational power it has on workplace culture, retention, productivity and organisational health, she has now created a scalable coaching solution for organisations to tap into the power of individusalised, on-demand coaching.

Join host Victoria Mills, Hello Coach CEO and Master Coach, every Friday for insightful and uplifting interviews.

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What is Hello CoachCast all about?

Want to be living your best life?

Listen to Hello CoachCast, your free weekly access to world-class, expert coaches helping you maximise your wellbeing, relationship and work success.


EP01: Why You’re Self-Sabotaging

Many people know what they need to do to reach their goals, they just don’t do it. Why?

In this episode, Coach Suzanne introduces the concept of secondary gain: that there’s a benefit you get by NOT reaching your goal.


EP02: When Self-Care Isn’t Fulfilling

If you don’t truly feel that you deserve to feel good about who you are, self-care can become just another chore that won’t fill up the emotional emptiness inside. In this episode, Coach Sharon shares the key to meeting your self-care needs and achieving true fulfilment.


EP03: Leadership in a Messy World

What is the first task in leadership? The answer might surprise you. Coach Jude-Martin discusses the valuable role emotional literacy plays in leadership, and why you can’t lead other people unless you first know how to lead yourself.


EP04: Sex, Love and COVID-19

If you’ve struggled to find love in lockdown, or if the pandemic stress has taken its toll on your sex life, help is at hand!


EP05: How to Improve Your Sleep

Listen in to learn the signs and symptoms of poor quality sleep, and discover the strategies Coach Nicole uses to stop bedtime from becoming a battlefield.


EP07: Setting Healthy Boundaries

Creating and communicating boundaries is really about teaching others how we would like to be treated. Coach Suzanne shares how to create and uphold boundaries in your life (without creating resentment).


EP08: Weight Loss Motivation Techniques

If you’ve decided to lose weight and are ready to get started on your journey, help is here to make sure you succeed! Hear Coach Suzanne's advice for staying committed to weight loss and maintaining motivation to become your best, healthiest self.