Last updated 3 April, 2022

‘Should I stay or should I go?’– What 40% of Gen Z are wondering

Ryan is part of Generation Z (born between 1997- 2012). He likes his corporate employer. Of course, things could always be a bit better but in general, what the company offers suits his lifestyle and needs. His role, however, does not. 

Ryan feels like he has found a gap in the company. He has only been around for a year or so but really believes the gap must be addressed by a new role and he knows just who could fill it. Ryan is also feeling like he isn’t learning or being challenged in his current role and a pay rise definitely wouldn’t hurt. 

Have you ever felt like this? That churn in your stomach thinking about starting a conversation around a role change? Is there too much red tape in your way? Or maybe you just don’t want to be seen as a ‘problem’ to your boss?

According to Lever’s 2022 Great Resignation Report focusing on internal mobility, Gen Z’s are 40% more likely than other generations to ask for a role change.

With 33% of people like Ryan, and maybe like you, feeling like they aren’t encouraged to pursue another role internally and 21% of us scared to approach the conversation with a manager – how can Ryan, or you for that matter, sort out this conundrum? 

Let’s consider for a moment, two factors that may be hindering  people like Ryan from taking action:

  • Gender can be a blocker. Men are 48% more likely than women to ask for their role to change in their company. If your name is Sally, not Ryan, you CAN have these conversations! 

  • Different generations want different things. Millennials are most often undergoing learning opportunities to grow in their current role while Gen Z’s are taking learning opportunities to grow in a new role 

  • Whatever generation you are, it is always important to stimulate your brain. Learn and grow within your role, another role, or even something non-work related – that way you know what you are passionate and skilled at before starting these conversations about role changes.

In the legendary words of Dare to Lead by Brene Brown, she discusses how to start these difficult conversations or what she calls ‘rumbles.’ If you haven’t had a difficult conversation with your manager or leader, and you are feeling apprehensive about it, here are some phrases you can use to engage in the conversation with an open heart and mind:

  • I’m curious about….

  • Tell me more….

  • Help me understand….

  • Tell me why this doesn’t fit/work for you….

  • Walk me through that….

If you are still thinking about a role change or even a company change, there might be other subconscious considerations that you aren’t acknowledging. This is when we, as humans, start to feel alone. 

We start asking questions like, “‘What do I want?” or “How can I ask for a new role when I am not sure if that is exactly what I want or need?” Well, you’re not alone. There are knowledgeable and skilled professionals who have been in your shoes – specifically, coaches at Hello Coach, with extensive experience in corporate environments who have an understanding of the tools you need to navigate the red tape.

Hello Coach pairs you with your ideal match, out of hundreds of qualified coaches, for your specific needs. These confidential sessions can give you the support and guidance you need to transform your future – not only in business – but in your relationships and wellbeing. 

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