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Meet Victoria Mills, Founder & CEO of Hello Coach

Hello! I’m Victoria Mills. I’m so grateful that you’ve found Hello Coach, and I’m excited for your journey ahead. Through over 20 years of coaching, and from my personal experience of being coached, I’m a passionate believer in the power of coaching to transform lives. 

I grew up in Australia during a time when succeeding despite pain and suffering was admired. I’ve always known that there just had to be a better way. At 29 years old I found myself alone with a newborn son and a deep unhappiness I knew I needed to resolve. That’s when I turned to coaching. 

My coach showed me a way forward to unravel the answers that I’d spent years searching for. With her guidance, I was able to forge a life for myself and my son founded on authenticity, honesty and safety. It was a pivotal experience that founded the next chapter of my professional and personal life.

My coaching journey

Upon completing my own coaching experience, I realised that I had discovered my passion and set about qualifying internationally as a certified coach. I left the corporate world so I could be of service and guide others to unpack who they want to be. Starting in Sydney, I grew my business to an international scale, coaching thousands of inspiring human beings and witnessing an incredible transformation. Like my clients, I have continued to turn to coaching to focus on goals, education, accountability and strategy to move through challenging times and produce lasting results. 

Like so many, I’ve faced my share of personal challenges over the years — from a turbulent childhood, attending multiple schools, to battling a life-threatening illness that would have seen me confined to a wheelchair, whilst raising a young child as a single mother. I refused to accept this was my fate: this started a deep commitment to my holistic journey and healing. I learned  firsthand the importance of looking after our bodies, our minds and our hearts. This journey became the catalyst to create methodologies in my own coaching practice of the fundamentals needed to heal and thrive as a whole human being. 

I have always had a strong belief we have  an opportunity for deep learning to change the course of our lives. When you have the right guidance, resources and a deep respect for yourself, you can become anything you want. With this hope, we have everything to live for. 

As a result of being coached and coaching others, I’ve found my way through trauma to live a life that is overflowing with opportunity, gratitude and purpose. No matter what obstacles you have faced or may be facing, I know wholeheartedly that you have it within yourself to create a meaningful life that you love no matter what life throws at you. Sometimes it just takes finding the right support, as I did.

A turning point

Over the years as a coach, dealing with clients who felt they had no direction for their lives, I became aware that the biggest issue for many people who want to create change or improve their lives, was not that they lacked motivation or discipline; rather, they simply didn’t know what to do in order to create change. 

At the same time, I saw the use of technology growing. The result was a rise in disconnection in my clients’ relationships and an increase in their general unrest. Our reliance on technology has caused us to lose touch with our inner voice and left many of us yearning for the missing elements of our inner being.

When the world ground to a halt with the Covid-19 pandemic, the crisis forced a high-beam light onto the issues surrounding mental health and wellness. From anxiety and burnout to full-blown depression, society as a whole was suffering and in chaos. 

It was during this tumultuous global meltdown that I started to realise my dream of harnessing technology for good: by combining technology with my solution-focused, step-by-step method of coaching — connecting instead of disconnecting — we could start to heal. Technology can provide viable ways to support the radical change that people need to move from unhappiness to a braver, stronger, healthier self. 

Hello Coach is born

After many years of dedication, much work and growing a wonderful team we have launched Hello Coach. An all-encompassing, online coaching platform that brings expert coaches — in the fields of business, wellbeing, and relationships — to a central, affordable, accessible hub where you can connect one-on-one with a coach at any time of day or night. It truly has been revolutionary, both for me personally and for the many people on both sides of the equation — coaches and clients — who have helped see it through to fruition. 

I believe that my life’s work is to provide a path through which people can identify and create their own hope and purpose. It’s my ardent mission to support those who seek purpose-driven transformation founded on the principles of love — for ourselves, others and the planet. Only then can we find meaning in our existence and express kindness to ourselves and our fellow human beings.

Each and every member of the Hello Coach team has been handpicked by me with love. We have an extraordinary team that is the epicentre of our mission. Together, we share a vision of guiding people around the world to step into the best version of themselves and live the kind of life they’ve always dreamed of. Hello Coach is truly my biggest, wildest dream brought to life — what will yours be?

Warmest regards,


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