Last updated 6 April, 2022

Finding Your Purpose at Work Post-COVID

We talk about how COVID has changed the way we do business, but for many, it’s made them completely reconsider everything about their lives and what matters to them. This reevaluation spans from where they live, to what they enjoy, what they stand for and the job they do. As employees re-find their footing in the ‘new normal,’ they are looking to align themselves with organisations that stand for something.

KPMG recognised the importance of this need for purpose and appointed Richard Boele as their first ever Chief Purpose officer in November 2021. The AFR reported that Mr Boele, “A long-time human rights campaigner, advises executives on how they can mitigate human rights and social impact risks, and how they can manage both aspects while continuing to support their communities.” 

Whilst we might understand why a Chief Purpose Officer wakes up and goes to work each day, we need to better understand how we can empower all employees to be their own ‘Chief Purpose Officers’ and cultivate a for-purpose driven company to drive impact, while attracting and retaining the best talent.

A job isn’t just a job anymore, it’s a reflection of people’s values. 

According to McCrindle insights for work wellbeing, 72% of Generation Z, specifically, prioritise having purpose and meaning in their work and 68% report that their work needs to align with their core values. From their Future of Education report, this generation also concluded that for 61% of them, their second greatest fear is being stuck in a job where they don’t find fulfilment. 

Simon Sinek, the best selling author of ‘Start with Why,’ believes that our ‘why’ is our purpose, cause or belief that drives each one of us. For some people, this is in line with helping others or showing up for the greater good or the environment. Therefore, organisations that prioritise and appoint ESG roles would be the right fit. 

So do employees consider if their personal ‘why’ fits the ‘why’ of the organisation they work for? What is the solution if someone is still figuring out their ‘why’? Statistics tell us it’s variety. More than three in five Gen Zers report that they are looking for ‘opportunity for advancement’ within roles and roles that aren’t pigeonholing them into set tasks. There is speculation this doesn’t just represent this generation – they are just more vocal about it! 

As an employee there are a few ways to stand up for your personal ‘why’ and integrate purpose into daily operations: 

  • Start a small passion project that is different from your everyday job but supports your fellow staff or clients 

  • Investigate if there are working groups operating within your organisation that might focus on areas you care about like sustainability, charitable giving or mental health 

  • Connect with similar people who embody their ‘whys’.

Four things that can help you identify your post-COVID priorities:

1. Get clear on your values – Working with a coach can help you distil what’s really important to you and your deal breakers. This clarity will help you make better decisions based on your and your family’s goals.

2. Reflect – What has COVID changed for you? When you look back on the last few years and before COVID, what do you wish you’d done more of and less of? 

3. Re-evaluate your habits – Small changes can reap big rewards. Whether it’s finding time for exercise, spending time with family or improving your sleep or your mental health – put a plan in place.

4. Reconnect with your passions – Do you find like many others you’re no longer doing things that bring you joy? Schedule one hour this week to engage in an activity that you love. 

No one needs to navigate their ‘why’ alone.

People with a busy work schedule don’t have time to go through the process of finding a coach, which is why Hello Coach has made it fast and easy to get paired with your ideal match from a network of global, qualified and passionate coaches. The coaching sessions can be dedicated to exploring purpose and are tailored to your individual needs. Each coaching session can help crystalise and clarify your direction – so you can find and grow your ‘why’. 

Simple to book, you’ll automatically get matched with coaches that have experience in the area you want to address, as well as the coaching style you prefer. So, it takes the guesswork out of selecting the best coach for you. 

If you’re contemplating your career path, our world-class coaches can help you clarify your vision and map your journey:

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