Our Story.

Transforming ‘what could be’ into ‘what is’…

  • You are your potential.

    We believe that every person exists as not just what they are, but what they could be – as an indefinite amount of potential. Living an authentic and truthful life means pursuing that potential and allowing what could be to come to life. By doing so a person will, like a pebble dropped into a pond, set up ripples of behaviour that positively affect – even inspire – the people around them. Behaviour that can spread outwards to create a better home, workplace, community, society, and world.
    Whatever your life’s purpose, whatever your potential, coaching will help you identify it, develop a clear, solid foundation from which to create change, and make strides towards achieving the goals that you set for yourself.

    Hello Coach is born.

    Hello Coach was founded in 2020 by “Super Coach”, Victoria Mills – a leading industry pioneer, on speed dial with a who’s who of the country’s C-level business figures, celebrities and sports people. Having coached thousands of people in personal and professional development, her methods have proved time and again why coaching works and built her a reputation as Australia’s ‘go-to’ coach for both individuals and organisations.
    In nearly three decades of coaching, she witnessed the world develop at an extraordinary rate in terms of technological advancement – an increasing overwhelm of information and content across all manner of devices and ideas, every desire instantly met, with people beginning to suffer under a staggering weight of disconnection from humankind. Our work/life balance deteriorated, relationships became increasingly transactional, and Victoria noticed that more and more of her clients had profoundly lost touch with their purpose for living.
    Then along came the Covid pandemic.
    The pandemic only accelerated what was already a growing worldwide demand for online wellbeing and stress-reducing apps. Organisations suddenly became remote-working hybrids. Workplace culture deteriorated, as did the mental health and wellbeing of many workers, to the point that mental health issues stemming from workplace stressors were recognised by Australia’s Fair Work Commission as a Work Health & Safety issue.
    Knowing from experience the effectiveness of coaching on personal wellbeing, and how this scaled to better workplace culture, retention, productivity and organisational health, Victoria saw a way to scale the benefits of coaching to entire organisations by creating a platform that would make it easy for anyone to find and book experienced and qualified coaches: Hello Coach.

    World-class coaching by the world’s best coaches.

    The secret to our coaches is that they’re real human beings with deep experience in life and business, combined with extraordinary training that enables them to put their best selves forward each and every session. A Hello Coach understands that a whole-person approach to wellness is critical to helping a client thrive. They come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and bring a wealth of knowledge, heart and wisdom to what they do.
    But becoming a Hello Coach isn’t easy. When our coaches apply to us, they’re already certified and experienced (the average is five years coaching experience). They then have to pass a rigorous selection process and be fully vetted and trained before they set foot on the platform. Ongoing professional development, and being held to high coaching standards, ensures our coaches deliver sessions that are consistent across the company. Our clients place a lot of trust in our coaches, and so do we.
    To be a Hello Coach reflects a coach’s quality and means they are part of a globally connected coaching community – empowering them to empower you to become your best self.
  • Our culture.

    We’re a diverse and driven group of idealists and dreamers, altruists and engineers, coaches and creatives, obsessed with our users’ experience and committed to creating positive change in the world. We work hard in an honest, open environment where creativity, ideas and innovation are encouraged and everyone’s work matters.